In-Kind Donations

Bridge of Life (BOL) accepts equipment and supplies that can be used to support patients around the world. Due to limited storage, we can only accept specific donations. If you have items to donate that meet the below criteria, please complete one of our in-kind donation forms at the bottom of this page. Once submitted, someone from the BOL team will contact you to let you know what items are accepted and coordinate the shipment of any approved items.

Bridge of Life CANNOT accept:

  • Most peritoneal dialysis supplies
  • Expired supplies or materials (minimum 12-month shelf life past the manufacturer expiration date required)
  • Medications
  • Fluids

Below are priority items that BOL needs in order to support partnering clinics, centers and hospitals:

  • Equipment
    • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
    • Dry Bicarbonate Mixer
    • Dry Concentrate Mixer
    • Dialysate Meter
    • Digital Voltmeter (DVM)
    • Electrical Leakage Tester
    • Dialysate Conductivity Meter
    • Hemodialysis Machines
    • Dialyzer Reprocessing Equipment
    • Hemodialysis Test and Calibration Equipment
    • Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems
    • Portable Ultrasound Machines
  • Consumable Supplies
    • Aclohol wipes
    • Bloodlines
    • Blood Pressure Monitors
    • Dialyzers
    • Face Masks
    • Face Shields
    • Fistula Needles
    • Gloves
    • Glucometers
    • Glucose Strips
    • Gowns
    • Gauze & Sponges
    • iPads, tablets or cell phones
    • Lancets
    • Sutures
    • Stethoscopes
    • Syringes and needles
    • Tape
    • Toothbrushes
    • Underpads
    • Urine Dip Sticks


Questions? Please email about specific donation items not listed above.