Chronic Disease Prevention Program

Prevents and controls kidney disease and its root causes through screening and health education


Chronic Disease Screening

Identifies high-risk patients for chronic kidney disease, diabetes and hypertension through blood (creatinine and glucose), urine dipstick and blood pressure testing

Chronic Disease Prevention Education

Raises awareness about preventable diseases, provides health education and gives individuals the tools and resources to take a proactive role in their own health

CKDu (Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Origin) Screening

Screens, gathers data and researches to understand the unknown cause of CKD and empowers agriculture workers with the tools and resources to take a proactive role in their kidney health

Medical Consultations

Provides one-on-one patient consultations with medical practitioners to review health conditions, treatment plans and preventative care

Patient Referrals

Establishes a patient referral process with in-country partners to ensure continuity of care

Medication Distribution

Provides patients with access to affordable medicine

Community Health Workers

Provides ongoing support, health education, medication, and check-ups for patients at risk of chronic disease

For more information on BOL’s Chronic Disease Prevention Program, please contact or click on the boxes below. To view upcoming chronic disease prevention, visit the Calendar.