Kidney Care Program

Establishes local partnerships to improve kidney care treatment for people with End Stage Renal Disease


New Dialysis Clinic

Provides initial start-up supplies, equipment and technical, clinical, educational, operational, and service training to establish new clinics

Dialysis Clinic Upgrade

Provides new machine and equipment installation or maintenance and technical, educational, operational, and service training support to existing clinics

Clinical Training

Empowers in-country healthcare providers to provide quality and sustainable patient care and the tools to manage clinical operations through comprehensive training

Technical Training

Provides training for in-country staff on procedures, water systems management and dialysis education, ensuring clinics remain sustainable

Standards of Care Training

Provides established renal standards and best-demonstrated practices for training, support and guidance to in-country hemodialysis caregivers, renal professionals and dialysis providers

U.S.-based Training

Provides training at U.S.-based locations to increase dialysis and kidney care knowledge and improve patient outcomes for international partnering clinical and technical staff


Evaluates equipment installations and performance from international dialysis partner clinics and ensures in-country staff is continuing to provide safe operations, quality care standards and effective procedures and patient monitoring systems

AV Fistula Surgical

Replaces catheter accesses (which are prone to infection and complications) with arteriovenous (AV) fistulas, provides interventional repair or replacement of existing AV fistulas and trains in-country surgeons on fistula procedures and post-operative patient care

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