Donor Spotlight: The Weitnauers

Curt & Angela Weitnauer

Donor Since: 2014

1. How long have you been Bridge of Life (BOL) supporters?

Mar Cor Purification has supported BOL since its beginning, before I [Curt] took over as president of the company. Angela and I chose to begin making personal contributions to BOL in 2014.

2. What made you first decide to contribute financially to BOL?

My company has always contributed, and we feel that we have both a corporate and personal responsibility to give back. Mar Cor Purification makes a profit in serving the dialysis community; it seems right to share with those who need dialysis but cannot access it. From a personal perspective, it was the needs of children in Jamaica that drew my wife Angela and me in as supporters. The thought that those kids might perish due to a lack of simple supplies was more than we could bear.

3. Why do you continue to fund BOL’s work?

We like the idea that BOL targets sustainable development of dialysis services. BOL’s assistance is not a one-time event, but instead, BOL works to make an area self-sufficient in providing dialysis care. We also refuse to stand by while children suffer.

4. If you were speaking to a prospective donor, what would you consider the most important information to share about BOL and its work?

We would emphasize three key areas: 1) BOL’s focus on supporting sustainable dialysis care in areas that desperately need it, 2) that donations are put to work, not used for administration, and 3) the organization’s goal is long-term sustainable care for those who would otherwise die without treatment.

5. What do you hope BOL is able to accomplish in the upcoming year or two with your continued investment and support?

Our hope is that BOL continues to identify communities in need of quality dialysis care with an emphasis on areas that can develop a sustainable model of providing treatment to those in need. We’d like to see BOL continue to help the most vulnerable communities gain access to care.

6. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Angela and I, and all Mar Cor Purification employees, appreciate the work that BOL is doing. We are proud to help and to play a small role in providing critical care to individuals who need it most.