Kids’ Camps Volunteers

Bridge of Life is in the process of launching a number of other programs that strengthen the work we do in kidney care around the world. Because of this, we are no longer filling volunteer positions for kids’ camp programs. We absolutely love the awesome services the camps offer to children with serious illnesses, but we do not have the capacity to currently continue this program and grow our other programs.

If you are interested in supporting and volunteering with Bridge of Life, please visit our Volunteer Page to see current opportunities and submit an application.

Volunteers for BOL’s kids’ camps sessions usually include the following roles:

  • Cabin counselors
  • Kitchen volunteers
  • Photographers

BOL’s volunteer selection process is based upon the needs of each specific camp session. Below is list of FAQs specific to the kids’ camps program. Please see the Volunteer page for additional volunteer information and FAQs.

FAQs on Volunteering for the Kids’ Camps Program through BOL